Finally, a Safe and Effective Solution for Using Nitrous More Often.

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Countless medical procedures are performed each year that cause patient pain, trauma and anxiety. In children, this can increase the time it takes to perform the procedures and sometimes requires nurses to physically restrain patients in order to keep them still. For adults, procedures are routinely performed in costly surgery centers when many could be performed in the doctor’s office.

For these reasons the practice of using nitrous oxide (N2O) to minimally sedate patients is increasing in popularity. Nitrous helps things run more efficiently because of its quick onset and its effectiveness as an analgesic. It is a safe alternative to other forms of anesthesia and is extremely cost effective. For years, the challenge facing the administration of nitrous has been preventing contamination from exhaled gases.

The Sedation Systems NITROUSEAL® mask and breathing circuit is the only completely closed system that is accepted for use in hospitals on patients of all ages. NITROUSEAL® inventor and board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Ramsey Nashed M.D., developed the idea during his quest to alleviate unnecessary pain by increasing the safety, effectiveness and practicality of nitrous sedation in more medical procedures.

Over the past few years, Dr. Nashed’s solution has been widely adopted by hospitals and healthcare professionals across the nation. . Efforts are now under way to increase the use of N2O in physician offices for painful, or anxiety-causing, procedures of all kinds.

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