Sedation Story

Having endured years of unnecessary patient suffering, renowned physician, Dr. Ramsey Nashed, realized the need for a safe, closed sedation system that could be used in more applications, and invented a solution.

Meanwhile, Michael LaSalla, a business investor, experienced that trauma through the eyes of his daughter and other young patients when he witnessed them undergoing painful procedures. He knew there had to be a solution and sought after finding it.

The two met and Sedation Systems LLC was born. The partners continued development to finalize Dr. Nashed’s invention and brought to market the revolutionary NITROUSEAL® Closed N20 Sedation System, which has been rapidly adopted by physicians and hospitals across the U.S

Our Team

Dr. Ramsey Nashed, M.D. F.A.B.A. Co-Founder

Dr Ramsey Nashed, inventor of the NITROUSEAL® system, and Sedation Systems' chief product designer, is a Board Certified anesthesiologist. He has an undergraduate Degree in Biology and Chemistry at Fordham University. Dr Nashed studied medicine at the University of Buffalo and affiliated hospitals where he specialized in anesthesia.

He has been in clinical anesthesia practice for more than 20 years and currently is the Medical Director and practicing anesthesiologist at an orthopedic surgery center in the St Petersburg Area where he lives with his family.

Michael LaSalla, Co-Founder

Michael LaSalla, Sedation Systems' primary business partner, became aware of Dr. Nashed's revolutionary solutions in the early 2000's and immediately became interested in funding the research and development necessary to bring the NITROUSEAL® product line to market.

As a successful entrepreneur for over thirty-two years, he has developed and owned numerous businesses throughout the United States. His daily contributions to Sedation Systems include expertise in business management, marketing, and strategic partnerships pertaining to manufacturing and providing new solutions to the medical community.

Michael Bender, Managing Member

Michael Bender, Sedation Systems' administrative and operations partner, provides a rare blend of legal, technical and business acumen. Michael has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Juris Doctor Degree, and successful experience as a corporate executive and principal of his own law firm.

Michael served as corporate counsel for a Fortune-500 cosmetics company and has an extensive background in new product development, intellectual property and regulatory affairs. Mr. Bender oversees the day-to-day operations of the company including product fulfillment, finances, and internal manufacturing and management. He is the driver of the company's zero-defect product assurance quality goals and of its commitment to a culture of unexcelled customer support.